GeekWire is committed to providing our readers, listeners, viewers and event attendees with a clear understanding of the distinction between our journalism — independent news and editorial content — and sponsored content that appears on the site. All content supported or provided by sponsors or advertisers is clearly labeled with one of the following:

Underwritten content means a company or organization is financially supporting independent editorial coverage such as a recurring series, podcast or special coverage, but has no control, involvement, advance knowledge or influence over any aspect of the content or coverage. Underwritten editorial content is held to strict journalistic standards, with financial support from companies and organizations interested in associating themselves with a particular category of independent editorial coverage.

We identify underwritten content with a disclaimer that the content is “underwritten by” or “presented by” a company or organization that we identify by name.

Sponsored content means that a sponsor has paid GeekWire to distribute content provided by the organization. This content is not held to the standards of impartiality and objectivity of our independent journalism. GeekWire’s newsroom is not involved in the creation of this content. GeekWire maintains a firewall between its editorial and business operations. In the case of our GeekWire Studios production arm, a sponsor has worked with GeekWire’s business team to produce and distribute content which is approved by the sponsor before publication.

We identify sponsored content with a disclaimer that the content is “sponsored,” “sponsored by,” “partner content” or “contributor content.”

Advertising appears alongside GeekWire’s content. These advertisements, typically traditional banner ads, are supplied by an organization and link to an external website. Advertisements are sold directly by GeekWire’s business team or through vetted digital advertising networks. All advertisements should be professional in appearance.

Updated Dcember 19, 2023