Anyone from Greater Seattle knows that we don’t do things like everybody else. There’s a duality to this region that makes it the perfect place to work, to build your ideas, to live, and to change the world. Nowhere else will you find a place that’s ambitious, innovative, and business-minded while at the same time wild, nonconformist, and a bit unconventional. So if you’re looking for a common place, this isn’t it. But, if you’re driven by new ideas like we are, come join us.

A place where unicorns roam free:

The six inaugural winners of the Uncommon Thinkers Awards were announced at the GeekWire Gala on Dec. 6. The awards are sponsored by the regional trade and investment organization Greater Seattle Partners. Read more.

A Critical Convergence of Expertise in Seattle’s Biotech Ecosystem

If you are at high risk of having a heart attack, stroke or cardiac death now or in the next year, wouldn’t you want to know? Thanks to one Seattle-area biotech startup, you can now find out with a simple blood test. Read more.

Connecting Underserved Communities: Comcast Advances Digital Equity in Washington

Most Puget Sound residents know Comcast NBCUniversal. What is less well-known is how Washington State benefits from the telecom and entertainment giant’s 10-year, $1 billion national effort to bring internet access to those lacking it. Read more.

As recently as last fall, Seattle didn’t seem to register as a major AI hub on many observers’ radar, despite being home to top-notch institutions including the Allen Institute for AI. But that’s changing fast, as major companies in the region explore high-profile projects that use AI to tackle global problems. Read more.

Progress toward zero carbon emissions isn’t always obvious to the casual observer. But the Seattle area’s evolution into a major cleantech hub comes into focus once you know where to look. Read more.

The 100+ year-old Port of Tacoma already drives an annual economic benefit of $3 Billion and supports the employment of 42,000 people with an average salary of $112,000. Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards says the new network, which covers the Port’s East Blair Peninsula, will further improve the Port… Read more.

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Our definition of business isn’t exactly common.

Greater Seattle Partners (GSP) is a public-private partnership that leads regional economic development through global business attraction, site selection and investment and trade opportunities to create and sustain opportunity and prosperity for all. Learn more.

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